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Some links includes double index.php inside the url which caused the css not load properly.

you can see the error when you try to answer a question that have no answer and the system notfiy you to login or register.

both of those links have double index.php in the address

my website is http://imconvert.com

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Hi there. Is it possible that you changed some code that dealt with URL paths or requests? I'm finding it hard to understand what is causing this.

Anyway, the first suggestion to help me debug this is to add the following code in the qa_insert_login_links(...) function in qa-app-format.php:

$htmlmessage.='<!-- '.$topage.' | '.$qa_root_url_relative.' | '.qa_path($topage, null, '').' -->';

Please insert it after the line:

global $qa_root_url_relative;

Or if you prefer, you can possibly work around the problem by changing to a different URL scheme in the main page of the Admin options.
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I had this same problem. I switched hosts and it fixed it. I didn't switch for that reason but fixing it was a nice benefit. I assume it is a .htaccess thing that only mucks up certain php configurations.

I wish I had paid more attention