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Is there the event added to V1.6 other than "u_wall_post" and "u_wall_delete"?
Q2A version: V1.6

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In general these will be documented on this page with the version number, although I just noticed I forgot to document 'u_wall_post' and 'u_wall_delete', which have now been added.

Apart from that there is also 'q_requeue', 'a_requeue', 'c_requeue' when a question/answer/comments re-enters moderation after it was previously visible or hidden.

I thank for your work!!
If it is possible, I'm glad when you cope events in 1.6.x below.
 ・u_queue : User was queued for moderator approval.
 ・u_approve : User was approved.
 ・u_reject : User was rejected.

Best regards.
Each of these events is reported in a different way:

User queued: listen for u_register event and check user level/flags
User approved: listen for u_level event and see how the level changed
User rejected: listen for u_block event

Maybe it would be better to add additional events specifically related to user moderation, but perhaps it is not necessary since other events already cover all of the situations.
I got it! Thank you gid.