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I understood that type was added to specific category every user.

However, I cannot understand what we can do by this operation. Probably I think that it is purpose that only limited user can use the specific category. Is my recognition correct?

Is there the person who can explain this feature and usage step by step?

Q2A version: V1.6-b1

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A simple example is to have people that are moderators for specific categories, but can't perform moderation operations in other categories.
Oh I see. This is feature to decide user who manages specific category. I mistook it for "Group Access" feature. Only users belonging to specific group can access specific category...
Thanks to clarify...May be silly comment but I think label is little confusing. pre-category type. Just to make sure..does it mean 'Permission Category Type' ? If someone doesn't know the option, it can mislead to pre for pre-post--- pre ....
It's "per" as in "for" but I will change the wording to something better.
Oh I am so sorry..my bad...but yeah if you can change to better that would be great..!