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Hey,guys,can anyone tell me how to set  the homepage as the questions by the login user   instead of Q&A?

That's to say , if I'm Jim ,one user of Q2A,when I login the site ,I will see all the questions by me in homepage instead of Q&A ?and before login , the home page is Q&A or other pages.



Q2A version: 1.6

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You can achieve this by some sort of custom development

Here is the login

check if it is home page by qa_request() and check if user is logged in by qa_is_logged_in()

than alter $this->main(); in body_content() function

so it would be something like 

if((qa_request() == '') && (qa_is_logged_in())){
     // your custom code
} else {
Now if your condition true for loggedin and home page than you can run custom query for question list by the user.