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Using Q&A 1.6.1 on Ubuntu LAMP 12.04

## The problem

I followed the instructions and the setup went fine, up until I came to the point of setting up the email.

I have credentials to an smtp server, so I tried running external, and it failed. I tested the email in two ways:

1. Send feedback

2. Admin - mass mail


Both gave error messages, but they weren't meaningful at all.

So I searched the web, and this Q&A site, and everything I found was about Q2A <= 1.5 and the config hacks you have to do to get it to work. None of that worked, and everything seemed to suggest that Q2A 1.6 allows for just simply configuring through the dashboard.

I then managed to find in the Apache logs that Q2A was looking for sendmail, which I had not installed on this box. Because all of the other dependencies were resolved when instaling, I assumed going through the setup that Q2A included it.

## My request / question

1. Can you please add something in the setup instructions that informs you that out of the box, Q2A depends on `sendmail`?

2. When testing the send email from the Admin panel, can you give more information as to what the server error is? Since this is restricted to administrators, opening up more details about the problem really should not raise too many privacy / security concerns.


All I'm shooting for is a bit more intuitive of install instructions or feedback when logged in as an administrator.
Q2A version: 1.6.1

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