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Virgin install.

Followed instructions, created mysql DB and user via cPanel, added user to DB via cPanel, have given user full priviledges, updated qa-config.php file and copied to server.


Ran index.php?qa=install but when submitting form, nothing occurs on web browser.
Checked error_log, every time try to install the following is logged:
PHP Question2Answer MySQL query error 1146: Table 'enquiryn_qa.qa_options' doesn't exist - Query: (SELECT 'options' AS selectkey, title, content FROM qa_options) UNION ALL (SELECT 'time', 'db_time', UNIX_TIMESTAMP(NOW()))
So the DB is at least recognised by the install, however doesn't create tables.
PHP version 5.3.10
MySQL version 5.1.63-cll
If the Q&A author wishes, am happy to help find the cause of this issue (you can obtain my email) as I see some other users have reported same issue.
The work around I used to get this going:
Installed onto another server running
PHP version 5.2.9
MySQL version 5.0.95-community
then made a DB dump and copied the DB to the other server.
Seems there may be an issue with installing using php 5.3.10 or mysql 5.1.63-cll
Q2A version: 1.5.2

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This is probably a non-core plugin which is causing the problem.
No, as per my first post, this was a new install with no other plugins and no other files on the server.
I confirmed the error log by the fresh installation of Q2A, too.