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So I have the latest of Q&A version. And I can see all the points related actions inside  qa_userpoints. However, on the site they do not show up correctly. Also, as I understand, that in  qa_userpoints the points field is the basis of showing points correct? When I add bonus points, it will update. But everything else doesnt include there..

So, is anyone else having this problem aswell? Might it be related to some plugin or what are the key functions that could be the problem? I have tried to debug it, but I cannot find the problem since there is fairly alot of the code..

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Do you know "admin" -> "stats" -> "Database clean-up operations" ?
Yes. It doesn't fix anything. That is the problem. There is some function, that is not doing the job properly. But I cannot figure out why. I assume, that all the original files were updated with the last patch, so whatever the problem was originally, it should be fixed now correct? Also a quick question is do admins get userpoints? If not, then maybe its hooked to my IP somehoow.