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It is just a tip, as this feature is not yet built in (v1.6.2).

You have a comment that is actually the answer and you want to convert comment -> answer.

1. you open phpmysqladmin

2. you open qa_posts and you search for the postid of the comment (see the anchor! #12345 of the commented link)

3. change type from "C" to "A"

4. /admin/stats and click "Recount Posts" to clean up.


Hope that helps.

You mean 'C' to 'A', right?
yes, typo.

PS: What is recount posts actually doing? I saw when changing to "A" that the answer field still appeared below the question (actually it should be hidden). Just after "recount posts" it was gone. What has been changed in the db table? Thanks!
Look at the top of qa-app-recalc.php for all the technical info about the recount-style buttons' activities.

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