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I would like to know all possible fields of the associative array fields.

In plugins q2a history you see something like:

        return array(                
            'style' => 'wide',
            'title' => qa_opt('user_act_list_title'),
            'fields'=> $fields,
            'tags' => 'id="qa-user-history-main"',

And $fields are determined by:

            $fields[] = array(
                'type' => 'static',
                'label'=> '<div class="qa-history-item-date' ...,
                'value'=> '<table class="qa-history-item-table"><tr>'

I wanted to add:

                'tags' => 'NAME="test"', // eetv: added class

to the $fields[] array but it is ignored...

I once had a similar issue of not being able to add a CLASS to an element: "Custom message on ask form - HTML allowed:" needs IDentifier for CSS [no solution yet]

Basically, I would like to see a list of all associative arrays that exist in Q2A. This would make programming 100% easier :) and transparent!

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