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At the moment, the plugin that pops a warning to confirm exiting the page if anything was typed is not working with the plugin WYSIWYG. So anyone who's writing an answer larger than a paragraph would benefit of having an auto-save feature in case they want to resume writing later or if anything happens to the page before he can send it.

Can it be done with the current resources while still enjoying the benefits of WYSIWYG? An auto-save feature to anyone who's started writing anything, especially answers?

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Up because this important question hasn't been solve and Confirm master is only working with Markdown. (and I get ome problem with that , and I am sure Iam not the only one => http://www.question2answer.org/qa/30584/answer-error-please-click-again-confirm-when-enough-caracters )

My users ask me as well, how not to loose content, could you imagine people after 1H writing content, losing everything... that's often happened on my Q2A website.