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I've hard experience of what SPAM can do to a great site especially user generated contents. And since then, it's become one of of my TOP priorities when launching any site, that has to do with user generated content. I'm about to launch a Q&A site and have been test running some Q&A script but I fell in love with Q2A when I discovered it few weeks ago but I'd love if it had a "report as spam link/button on every question and answer" which member can click on to report any question/answer/comment as spam to the admin/mod.
Yes it fits very well, as it offers the opportunity to hide a spam post after several hits on a"report as spam" button by users. So a spam post would be queued for review by the admin. This way "report as spam" buttons usually work.
I as well hope that this feature will be included with the next release.
@monk333 Now I get the picture, it sure fits in that way. I just hope we won't have to wait too long for this to happen. Because without it I might have to look up to another script, except anyone here can suggest an easy way around this.
Excuse me for the late comment but I was unavailable. As here are plus 8 votes for the suggested feature, I am sure it will be added to the top of gidgreens list for the next release. Meanwhile You have numerous techniques to avoid spam on a growing site.

1) You can block IP / users
2) You can use integrated recaptcha to avoid automatted spam subissions
3) You can set access to registered users only with or without confirmed email adress.

At the beginning using this script, I had some spam, but i blocked some IPs and added recaptcha and the problem was gone. Works fine for me on several sites.

Regarding other scripts I can only tell You, that in MY opinion, there is no other elegant solution based on php and mysql and Your OWN database. Even the paid scripts didnĀ“t work for me.

The author of this script here, gidgreen, takes user input very serious and has added suggested features in an excellent way, so that very most users are satisfied.

Best regards
Thanks for your reply, I totally agree with you, been testing this script on my local server and it's simply amazing.

I've noted your suggestions and I'll try them out and see how it goes, while waiting for this feature to be added in the next release.

And yes! HATS OFF! For "gidgeen", I've read through many requests here and have noticed how seriously he handles them, the more reason I felt at home submitting this request.

And by the way, thumps up to the entire community!

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Yes, this sounds like a very likely candidate for a feature to appear in the next major release.
Thanks for the assurance, it's a great relieve indeed and good luck with it's implementation.

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