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WHEN using  q2a-open-login ,I got this ,

Warning: scandir() has been disabled for security reasons in /mnt/qa-plugin/q2a-open-login-master/qa-open-page-logins.php on line 446

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /mnt/qa-plugin/q2a-open-login-master/qa-open-page-logins.php on line 448

and the available login providers could not be shown ,I tried it with nginx not appache,

could anyone tell me how to fix this ?

Q2A version: 1.62

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I have find out the reason ,find "disable_functions" in php.ini

disable_functions = scandir,passthru,exec,system,chroot,chgrp,chown,shell_exec,proc_open,proc_get_status,ini_alter,ini_alter,ini_restore,dl,pfsockopen,openlog,syslog,readlink,symlink,popepassthru,stream_socket_server,fsocket,fsockopen


and delete "scandir"

restart  php-fpm

that's it