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Snow Theme version 1:2

Q2a Version: 1.6.2

Browser: IE9

File: qa-sytles.css

Problem: when displaying category list, the category counts drop down one line due to float:right; in .qa-nav-cat-note {}

Workaround: Removing float:right; from the css fixes the dropdown but (of course) the counts don't float right. Is there a better way to fix this?


Screenshot added:

Q2A version: 1.6.2
I will have a look in to that.. Meantime can you place some screenshots?
I have added a screenshot of the problem.  Unfortunately I had to rename the categories to post it external to the organization but it doesnt' matter.  

Interesting note: when I look at q2a.org the categories list displays properly.  diffed my .css against the one loaded by q2a.org and it's exactly the same.

So, it's either that the problem occurs after 2 categories  or when you add subcategories (I have two), or there's some other plugin causing issues with layout?
Thanks for the screenshot,

Q2A.ORG doesn't have any sub categories so it is hard to say by referring here. Once again I will have a look and post fix here in couple of days.
I fixed this for me by adding the following.  It now works in Firefox 24.0 and IE9 which is all I need for my implementation.  I don't have capacity to test other browsers:
.qa-nav-cat-link {
That's cool... and sorry.. just stuck on some important work so couldn't check at the moment and may be will be busy for a week more.. extremely sorry and thanks for the fix..will update in core soon.

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