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I think there are three main problems with Q2A like that.

I've published one site call hoidap.lamtheo.com for my country vietnam with ranking alexa 121k. But user not happy on post editor and tags separator by space and utf8 issue.

I try to search here to fix this but still no luck. If can't solve all problems i think i must stop using Q2A soon.

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A rich text editor is coming in the next version. As for the other two issues, perhaps you could be more specific about what you're looking for.
Can u tell me how to set tags is separate by comma not by space like current.

And how to modify function create url slug?
tieungao, you need to look in the `qa_string_to_words` function in `qa-util-string.php`. Here you can ignore special characters in the $string variable for the URL slug. For the tags, you'll simply want to replace all commas with spaces.