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The first time I downloaded and installed the script it worked. Then, I decided to change my domain name. My hosting company changed my server and gave me a different dns. However, the hosting plan is the very same with same features as before. Once I got everything linked and working with my new Domain name, I downloaded the latest script and dumped it in the server. Afterward, I followed the installation instruction on your website to the TEETH. For some odd reason, my website won't display at all. There is nothing displayed on the browser. I thought maybe my hosting server is having problem. So, as a simple test, I loaded a plain and simple raw HTML file. I was able to open and display its content successfully.

My website www.fashion-beauty-qa.com

So, what is wrong? Has there been a recent release or update to the script, which has a bug?

I am thinking of loading my original script download to see if it works.

Q2A version: 1.6.2

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Are you editing any language file?

If yes than check either you miss comma in array...If no than please provide more information

Or you can try by installing fresh and default copy of Q2A see if it works.
hi Jatin,

That's not what I was doing. I found out why the script is not working, but I don't know why its happening. For some odd reason, the new hosting server is rejecting the file, qa-base.php. There maybe other files also, but for now this is what I know. Server error log indicated that qa-base.php file was not found. Sure enough it was missing but I found it on my hardrive in the qa-include folder.

Every time I tried to force transfer of qa-base.php file into its location, the server is rejecting it by deleting the file. I thought maybe it due to the file name. I changed it to something else and the server still rejected it and deleted the file. So, I am guessing that the qa-base.php file has something in it that the server thinks maybe it is a virus or malware. Do you think this is case? I don't know.

I did check to make sure I have plenty of server disk space. I am only using 7.16MB out of 200MB. So, it can't be the reason.

This never happened to me in all of my life. My previous hosting servers always accepted any files I uploaded to it.

Please, could you give me a hints or suggestion as to how to proceed. I would appreciated. Thank you.
check your data type. are you uploading from FileZilla/ftp or directly using cPanel upload via browser?

I think time saving step is to ask your host provider. They will guide you to the point. As per your details the issue is more server specific and may not with the Q2A.
Yes, that is what I think also. It has to be the server not Q2A, because the first time everything worked out of the box before they changed my server. Thank you for your response.
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There are a lot of causes of 500 errors. Did you confirm error log of Web server? Depending on a host, you may not confirm error log in real time. In that case, it will be necessary to ask the management company of the server.

You can also check your hosting.