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RA Social is a widget for question2answer. You can easily add any social site links to your site. Simply upload the plugin to qa-plugin folder and start adding your social links. You can also add custom icon, upload your icons in "images" folder of "ra-social" plugin folder.

Q2A version: latest
Tell me how to download this plugin?

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Please elaborate more on how to use it. e.g screenshots of settings. What are those urls we have to set? where the icons appear? in the question page? where?

its really very easy to setup, you dont need a tutorial :-)

This is a widget so you can set where you want to show this widget from admin->layout (available widget).

for adding your social links go to: admin->plugins->RA Social
and add your links to "Social Links" fields, you can add as many as social links as you want, simply click + icon to add more fields.

Hope this helps. :-)
Thank you for your prompt reply, the widget thing helped but suppose
1- my website domain is myDomain.com
2- my facebook page that I want to get the likes is

referring to the image I added to my question, I wonder what I must put at site and what I should put that the other box next to it.
in Site field enter name of the social site,
and in next field enter link to your social profile,
and select social site icon from select field.

like you want to add facebook link, then do this:
I think all it does, is that it creates a link to that http://facebook.com/mypage. it does not display the numbers of links etc. It is just a hyper-ed link to that ulr! Isnt it?
Yes you are right, This is just for link to your social profile. It does not count.
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download link?