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I chose 'sort answers by time' as default when installing q2a, it works correctly under most context.

But recently my users found it doesn't work properly after they answered a question which was already answered by others. Their answer was at top of all the answers once they press the button 'submit answer' -- which should be at bottom of all the exsisting answer items as they expected. However, when they refresh the answer page, they found their answer was sorted correctly, below all of previous answer items.

The sorting rule is very confusing for my users submit answers with different opinions, could any expert help us for this issue?

Thanks a lot!!
Q2A version: 1.6.2
No body know?

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I think that this movement is to let one's answer be outstanding. However, I do not like this movement, too. My solution is below. How about this?

qa-content/qa-question.js (L100 case V1.6.2)


l.insertBefore(c, l.firstChild);


l.insertBefore(c, l.lastChild.nextSibling);


Thanks Sama!! I'll try it out~~