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Appreciate the quick response. Here's what my code looks like now:

    function qa_get_logged_in_user($qa_db_connection)

        if ($_COOKIE["SMFCookie10"]) {
                    "SELECT ID_MEMBER, memberName, emailAddress, ID_GROUP FROM smf_members WHERE ID_MEMBER=".
                    "(SELECT ID_MEMBER FROM smf_log_online WHERE session='".mysql_real_escape_string($_COOKIE["SMFCookie10"], $qa_db_connection)."')",
            if (is_array($result))
                return array(
                    'userid' => $result['ID_MEMBER'],
                    'publicusername' => $result['memberName'],
                    'email' => $result['emailAddress'],
                    'level' => $result['ID_GROUP'] ? QA_USER_LEVEL_ADMIN : QA_USER_LEVEL_BASIC
        return null;

However, I get an error saying  "Undefined index: SMFCookie10"

I am checking with the SMF community on how to read the cookie that SMF sets. See:


related to an answer for: SSO with Simple Machines Forum (SMF)

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Question2Answer uses strict PHP error checking, so put an @ sign before $_COOKIE["SMFCookie10"] in the first if().

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