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I downloaded the Faq Page v0.4 by NoahY. I also added the page in the Admin>Pages. The Plugin settings there is this 'FAQ page url', I have no idea what to put here. I tried mydomain.com/faq but nothing happens.

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If in the admin/plugin settings, field "FAQ page url", you put the value "faq"

in the admin/pages settings, you have to click on "add link" (on the FAQ page in the "Pages available via plugins" section) and insert the string "faq" also in the field "URL of link - absolute or relative to Q2A root"

(just for testing, put "FAQ" in the "text of link" field, visible for "anybody", position "after links in footer" : you should have a "FAQ" link in the footer now)

I've done what you've said max but I get the error:
Not Found
The requested URL /faq was not found on this server.

Any thoughts?