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I thought this has been solved but it has not...

Register as new user. Click on user profile. You can edit your username.

Even having the option "Allow users with posts to change their username:" unchecked!

Either this is a bug or a missing feature. If it is a missing feature it is really time to add it to the settings =)
Q2A version: 1.6.2
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Actually the option should be called: "Allow users to change their username:" yes/no

And in qa-page-account.php line

$changehandle=qa_opt('allow_change_usernames') || ((!$userpoints['qposts']) && (!$userpoints['aposts']) && (!$userpoints['cposts']));

should be:


Then it works like expected.
@q2apro your way makes sense. Therefore, change text as well at qa-lang-options.php
'allow_change_usernames' => 'Allow users to change username:',

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I think that the option ("Allow users with posts to change their username:") does allow a user to change the username only if the user has no posts at all.

If the user has 1 post, he is not allowed to change the username.

So I think that the option behaviour is correct...


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Or do you mean that you want an additional option to forbid the user to change the username even if he has no posts ?
I thought so, but what is the reason behind?

For me, I'd like to see this option for all users. No exceptions ;-)
Mmmm, it could be an additional feature.
Generally speaking I do not like all the options that allow to change a website link (in this case the user profile link would change, changing the username). The downside is that if the user has written a wrong username, he has no chance of changing it anymore. However if there was such an additional option, I would use it.
So an upvote for your proposal ! :-)