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i know there are many questions like this but there are just too many questions without answers or not helped...

my facebook login doesent work. when i click on FBlogin button, it opens an popup windows and close it... nothing happens.


i think you know this bug but where is the answer to my problem?

added app id & app secret..in facebook added domains and as siteadress : www.domain.com/index.php?qa=login << just checked more adresses.. its my last try with login page...



thanks in adv
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For the popup issue : clear your browser cache, it will disappear.

For the setup issue :

on q2a put "preferred site url"= http://www.domain.com

on Facebook put "site url"=http://www.domain.com

and "domain" = domain.com

see also this post :

thanks for the answer but i have the same settings.... cache is cleared. screenshot of my settings :
In the "Site URL" you've put
and not :
as  I've written to you :-)

Check also in the admin/general panel, the "Preferred Site URL" value.
It has to be equal to the URL above (http://www.javabekhoob.com)
forget my last post please. the same. now its not working. first login was successfull but now i cant login.. the same problem. popup window opens, closes and on my page happens nothing. its just looks like site is refreshing but i cant still not login
I've been able to log in into your website and to log out multiple times.
Which problem do you see ?

If you have problem with the popup, you have just to clear your browser cache (all the data, not only cookies).
I think the setup is now ok
thanks.. i dont know why its now working. i had the same settings for first time...as it not worked, i changed and played with links to get it working. thanks guys.tested now with my notebook and it works. i hope(think) will work now too with my pc. the last trys was with the pc.