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Can somebody confirm? I added the widget "Activity Count" to section "Question pages" and visit page /unanswered/ it will not show up.

Q2A version: 1.6.2
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I added it to the position "side panel-below categories", show widget only on the following pages : "Question pages".
If I go to unanswered, and I open the question, I can see it.
But I'm not sure I've understood correctly your scenario
And if I select show widget only on the following pages : "Recent questions without answers", if i go to /unanswered  (the list), I can see it too
I have Question pages and Question lists checked but it is not showing up: http://www.klaustukai.lt/unanswered (setting is "Sidepanel - Last")
ah solved, it was the advanced theme! I had an if statement where I was outputting the:     $this->widgets('side', 'bottom');

Fixed =)
I checked Question pages and Question lists and it does not show up in the /unanswered list and it shows up in the /questions lists.
You should check also "Recent questions without answers" if you want to see them in the /unanswered list too.
ok !!!!!  :-)