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I would like to share my method for auto posting to your social media accounts/pages.

Twitter, Linkedin using Twitterfeed

1. Go to twitterfeed and register an account, create a new feed with any title you like.

2. Add your qa feed (www.yourwebsite.com/qa/feed/questions.rss) you could add (www.yourwebsite.com/qa//feed/qa.rss) however this will post each time a question is answered as well which can plaster your social accounts with tons of posts.

3. Click advanced settings, I have my 'Check for new posts' setting to check every hour and post 5 new updates at a time. Click the 'bitly settings' and register an account with bitly to track clicks on your post links.

4. Continue to step 2, click twitter and linkedin under 'Available Services' and allow twitterfeed access, you could do the same for your facebook fan page but, I perfer hootsuite for this more on that later.

5. Click 'All Done' and your all set, check your Twitter, Linkedin accounts after an hour or whatever you set it to and see your posts automatically posted.

Facebook, Google+ using Hootsuite

1. Go to hootsuite and register an account.

2. Click the 'Add Social Network' button and connect your Facebook, Google+ accounts.

3. Click 'Settings > RSS/Atom' in the lefthand menu, click the plus button to add a new feed.

4. Add your qa website feed url (questions.rss, qa.rss), select social network to post to, choose check every hour and post 5 posts each time and your all set. Do this for both Facebook and Google+

I hope this was helpful and a little hint for building followers addmefast ;)

very useful, thank you very much ! my +1  !
Glad it has helped :)
Great Post!!!!
Hello. Is it still working for you?

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