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I feel that the performance of this site worsened recently. In particular, post operation (contents, vote, etc...) became very slow. Is it caused by my client PC? How about in your environment? Concentration of the access is OK, but I worry about the cause of attack and new core.
same here, super slow
In my case I've found in the last 2 or 3 days very slow responses after a submit operation (to post an answer or a question).
But I've not investigated if this slowness is in my network or server-side.

5-6 seconds to add this comment....
6,88 seconds to save changes of my previous edit
Yes, I have had the same too! The same happens on my own site when it's really busy, so maybe we are getting a lot of visitors here?
It is like the problem of the server side. Performance was not such bad for my memory. What is it caused by...?
+1 to all above. The comment loading gif keeps on going.
I also confirmed with the same. Especially when we submit the forms.
Same for me...

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I feel that performance was improved in the timing when Jan 23, 2014 hardware obstacles were revised. How about in your environment?