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Performance of pages made by admin panel or plugins are no good.
Cause: qa-include/qa-page-default.php (arround L55)
Lower unnecessary code (red lines) worsens performance. In the site having many questions on question list and many categories, performance of custom page will be particularly no good. Performance of many pages may improve by optimizing this file.
list($questions1, $questions2, $categories, $categoryid, $custompage)=qa_db_select_with_pending(
  qa_db_qs_selectspec($userid, 'created', 0, $slugs, null, false, false, qa_opt_if_loaded('page_size_activity')),
  qa_db_recent_a_qs_selectspec($userid, 0, $slugs),
  qa_db_category_nav_selectspec($slugs, false, false, true),
  $countslugs ? qa_db_slugs_to_category_id_selectspec($slugs) : null,
  (($countslugs==1) && !$explicitqa) ? qa_db_page_full_selectspec($slugs[0], false) : null
Confirmation method:
  1. Set "True" QA_DEBUG_PERFORMANCE in qa-config.php
  2. Show any page which you added with Admin > Pages
  3. Some big queries are always executed
Q2A version: 1.6.3

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