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FAO Gideon... This error is occurring in the Moderate section of Admin. If I click approve or reject, it does a new page load (not AJAX) and there is an error message, "Please click again to confirm". I've clicked approve again and the same thing happens.

I'm guessing you're running the latest version of the code here so it's something to do with that. Although there are many previous questions where the same error popped up but no real solutions anywhere.
Q2A version: q2a live site (1.6.3?)

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Yes, I experienced this as well :)

The problem occurred because the HTML of that particular post to be moderated contained a <FORM> tag. This messed up the form that contained the buttons for moderation. The solution (now implemented) is to beef up function qa_sanitize_html(...) in qa-base.php so that:

'elements' => '*+embed+object',

... becomes ...

'elements' => '*+embed+object-form',

I don't think there is any good reason for a user to have an HTML form in their post. The fix will be in Q2A 1.6.3.

Awesome! So 1.6.3 will be on the way :)