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1. Why tags not separate-able by commas like in wordpress, it would more convenience to seperate phrases...

2. Google doesn't like dublicate content i suggest to add in new version feature tu turn on noindex tags and/or categories pages (.../tag/...)

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1. If you separate tags by commas then the commas are removed anyway, so what is the problem here? e.g. 'seo,q2a' should get 2 tags, 'seo' and 'q2a'. No different to spaces.

2. You are misunderstanding duplicate content. The tag/category pages are not duplicate content. However if you want to block them use robots.txt because that is a better method.

Thanks for explanation.
1- if you can seperate with commas, you can use for example "separate tags by commas" as tag. If you write "separate tags by commas" now, it will be 4 tag but I want to use as one tag.
Thing is, tags aren't meant to be sentences, they are meant to be individual words. You can separate words by dashes, e.g. "separate-tags".