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is it possible to ask a specific type of question like multiple choice or true/false question?

maybe it's possible using a plugin.
Yes, this can be implemented using a custom plugin. However, in that case what type of responses do you want - full text or only select options set in the question?
i want only select option answers.
for example the question "Is the sky blue?" offers the answers "Yes" or "No".

Of course the answers must be hidden from any user until he/she answer on the question....

what do you think? is it possible?
Are you planning to use Q2A as a quiz / exam portal. No offence, but just curious as when you say "answers must be hidden from any user until he/she answer on the question" this means users will have to answer the question in order to see the answers of other users?
exactly, users will have to answer the question first.
Well, it is possible to develop a plugin like this. Are you willing to sponsor or part-sponsor the development as I am unsure about the demand such a plugin would have?
sorry but i can't understand what do you mean with the phrase "sponsor or part-sponsor"..... can you explain to me?

do you mean that i must pay for this plugin?
Do you mean to say that at time registration?

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any answer?

is it possible using a free plugin?

i think it must be a new possibility on q2a 1.version.