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How come the default base editor comes with a working spell checker, But the default wysiwyg editor does not ?

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Well, there has been a huge demand on this and many users have already posted about this problem. Please take a loot at the following threads: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/search?q=spell+check


Follow the tutorial on this link and spell check will work just fine.

Tutorial Link - http://www.question2answer.org/qa/31196/how-to-enabale-spell-checker?show=31210#a31210

Demo Link on my private site - https://digitizormedia.com/qa/ask (I just installed the new plugin and enabled spell check following above tutorial), check screenshot below please:

It seems that some go back for over 2 years and yet this problem has not been resolved, it seems request here are pretty much just ignored, just like some other script places I have been, I tried using the ck4 editor got that to work ok but it has a flaw in the design you are only granted a limited time to edit your files, as a regular user, wrote the maker so far have not received any fixes, actually I rather use the default one apparently it seems that the only solution is going to be if someone hires a freelancer to correct the problem, that or just use the basic editor...
I have update my answer above, please check again. Spell check works just fine, sir :-)
as I said above, I know the ckeditor 4 works but it has a flaw, it only gives you a limited time period to edit a file, try making a question as a regular user then waiting around 10 to 15 minutes then go back and try editing the file, then try the same thing with default wusiwyg editor and you will see the difference...