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hi there,


I have a website  , and it is in beta , and now I want to release with full functionality. All the updates has been finished and I want to promote my website in a better way. Sharing through the facebook is a betterway, but other than this anyone one know a better option ?


All suggestions are helpfull ti me...

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Organic Traffic

1. Get active on popular Hindu related forums

2. Start a wordpress blog by the side and write about various topics related to your niche, link to questions from your QA site which may have good answers

3. Seed questions - Ask questions in your own QA site about hot / debatable hindu-related topics and try and get your friends to answer these questions - create traction

Buy Traffic

1. Google ads - adwords / Facebook ads

2. Buy ad space on Hindu-related websites
thanks man!!!!
You're welcome sir
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Do some SEO works...See the answers of this question...May be helpful...