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Hi everyone,

I have been working in spam protection. I haven't find anything about this question in Q2A support forum.

Because I receive too many spammy links in my blog, I don't want any link in my Q2A. Forum here - We have an opition "Detect and links URL" in post. I want the total opposite!

How to Automatically Detect and Delete all Links in post? (except for admins and moderatos if possible).

Q2A version: Last one

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You could use this plugin as a starting point :


It has a link moderation option.

When you enable it, a post containing a link is put in the moderation queue.

(but pay attention, I think it has an issue  that I've reported also on the author's website).

Instead of putting the post in the moderation queue, you could implement another action on the URL contained in the post.