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When you initialize a plugin that creates a database table, you get such a notice on top: 

The notice text comes from:


line: 'module_x_database_init' => 'The ^1 ^2 module requires some ^3database initialization^4.',

the plugin above is initialized by:

qa_register_plugin_module('module', 'q2apro-liveticker-admin.php', 'q2apro_liveticker_admin', 'Liveticker Plugin');

As you see, the notice takes module and ads another "module" (from the language file). The reason for this is, that the module is generally type 'event', 'viewer', etc. --- but can also be, like in this case: 'module'.

My suggestions better usability:

1. if type is module don't output the first "module", this prevents "module module ..."

2. instead of the message: "The Liveticker-Plugin module requires some database initialization." which says nothing to an unexperienced user, just write:

"The Liveticker-Plugin module must be initialized. Please click here to proceed."

Hope this can be done in v1.7.
Thanks in advance @Scott


Q2A version: 1.6.3

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