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When working in the editor, and I press the Tabulator key on the keyboard, I lose focus from the editor. I would expect it to make a tabulation inside the "document".

Is this a bug, or is there a way to fix this?

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Yes, Scott is right.

Here is the way I solved it:

I installed the tab plugin with the CKEditor4 plugin (that allows you to visually modify the CKEditor settings - in the admin panel).

Since the CKEditor4 plugin uses the CKEditor v. 4.2, I had downloaded and installed the 4.2.3 version of the tab plugin.

Just unzip it under the ....\qa-plugin\ckeditor4\plugins\ 

(where ckeditor4 is the folder where you've installed the CKEditor4 plugin).

Under the admin panel --> CKEditor4 --> "Other Configurations" put these 2 lines at the top :


and save.

When you'll hit the tab key inside the editor 4 spaces will be inserted to "simulate" a tab.

This is the way I solved it, even if I think it's not very "clean" (I do not like the spaces instead of the tab)

Thanks! But I am currently using the BBcode editor. I guess it won't work there?
I don't know the BBCode plugin very well.
I see it uses the Markitup editor.
You could apply the same concept (simulate a tab with 4 spaces) to that editor.
To do it find this file :
and open it.
Change line 47 from :

onTab:                    {},


onTab:                    {keepDefault:false, replaceWith:'    '},

and save.
Now you should be able to use the tab key inside the editor.
If you prefer here is the js already modified :
That worked fine. Thankyou :-)
Nice maxj. Version up of CKEditor is very early. When I consider compatibility with CKEditor plugin, update timing of Q2A plugin is difficult ...
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Unfortunately that's just how web pages work. Tab is for moving to the next input field.

However there may be an add on for the CKeditor you could implement. This one allows tabbing between table cells and this one allows Tab to indent lists. I don't see one for inserting a tab character but maybe there is somewhere.