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Can anyone tell me how to stop people from accessing certain pages, for example /hot

I know I can hide the option on the menu but how do I stop people from accessing that page if they manually type it in to the browser?
Q2A version: 1.6

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Override function qa_get_request_content() and redirect to home page or 404 if request is hot or whatever page you want.

Something (but not exactly) like below

if($requestparts[0] === 'hot') {

I have tested and it is working fine. It is redirecting to the home page. You also can use qa_redirect() instead if you want to give parameters instead raw URL

See here how you can override function http://question2answer.org/overrides.php


If you want to redirect or block multiple pages than add those in array and check with in_array() function.

I am sure there may be other ways too but I found this way at the moment. If find more than will share here.

Nice answer. But I want this redirection to homepage along with an error message. How to achieve that?