Welcome to the Question2Answer Q&A. There's also a demo if you just want to try it out.
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The user needs to either register or log in in order to access the platform ...

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I am developing many parts to make Q2A to "Closed Social Network" such as Facebook and Quora. There will be a lot of parts necessary for you in my site. I recommend that you get your account and look at inside. ASKIVE is example of solid site where approval is necessary, but, as for FlexArmor1 demo, approval is unnecessary.

My works
FlexArmor1 demo


Thanks a lot! I will take a look!
Hello Sama,
In order to develop your layout FlexAmor, did you make considerable changes in the main source code and files of the Q2A code?
What I mean is that I am begginer and I think that the source code of Q2A is a lot confusing (too many functions, constants, variables,etc) to understand and if you changed the source code in an easy way to understand, it would be interesting for me...
Hi MM. Nice question. Compatibility with core and other plugin is the characteristic of this theme. Therefore, there are very few change of core program. The main change is some output contents of widget. In addition, change point is a few lines. It can be understood enough in the user who does not know a lot about Q2A core.