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Can someone please, please write a guide or show me some code on how to add the voting and best selection as extra buttons to the qa-q-view-buttons, qa-a-item-buttons as I have been plugging away with this for days and have gone through way too many cigarettes and coffees!!! I just can't seem to get it working, I'm using a modified version of the default theme. Willing to pay if someone can help, although I don't have a great deal of money :)

Please help! :)

EDIT: have tried hacking this together but obviously not working, due to most of the voting code being in qa-app-format.php and I have no idea how to include it in qa-theme.php

function post_avatar_meta($post, $class, $avatarprefix=null, $metaprefix=null, $metaseparator=' | ')
$this->output('<span class="'.$class.'-avatar-meta">');
$this->post_avatar($post, $class, $avatarprefix);
$this->post_meta($post, $class, $metaprefix, $metaseparator);
$this->output('<input id="voting_??????" value="'.$post['upvotes_raw'].'" title="??????" onclick="return qa_vote_click(this);" type="submit" class="qa-form-light-button qa-form-light-button-answer">');
Q2A version: 1.6.3

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