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For the past few days Q2A has been acting pretty slow. (this site).  I am guessing it is because of the 1.3 beta 2 and it using CURL for the facebook logins?

In anycase, tonight i accessed the site and it is lighting faast!!!
Hopefully the issues with CURL are fixed?

Also, what is in store for Beta 3 of 1.3?

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I don't think anything just changed - probably a network/connectivity issue rather than something on the server itself.

There will be no 1.3 beta 3 - just the final release of 1.3, scheduled by the end of the month (hopefully!)
thanks!  do u think the option to disable curl will be there?
It only tries to use curl if file_get_contents(...) fails.
wow, so your saying the delay in page load (where the top part loads and then the rest of the page loads a few seconds later in a big chunk) is not due to Beta 2 of 1.3 but rather network issues with facebook?

I never saw the problem on my own site until i upgraded, and never had the issue with your site until the new beta came out.  So in my mind i connected it with beta 2.  

Its weird, because since the update, IIS will crash periodically which never happened in beta one.  Is there a way where i can disable curl in php just to make sure it disables that functionality?
When i do a resource track in Chrome it shows that http://connect.facebook.com/en_US/all.js sometimes never loads, or loads afer 845 ms.
You can remove the code in qa-facebook-login.php that tries curl as a backup - should be pretty easy to find if you search for 'curl'.
Thanks, i will run it like this for a few days and see what happens...
I have my Q&A running on 1and1 hosting and there is no problem with curl. Everything works perfect.
I have resolved the speed issues running on IIS.  Here is what is required.  It is best to run your Q&A site as its own seperate site ex. questions.mydomain.com or as a virtual directory using its own independent app pool.   The application pool should be run using: the No Managed Code for its .net version and workes beter under Integrated Pipeline.  I know most people are using Apache or nginx to host php, but windows users have to go through the above tweaks to make it perform properly.  Cheers.  Frank
Frank, thanks for the the instruction. I think it should be placed in the installation section of this site.
How is it that in the latest version where I have the function file_get_contents disabled in php.ini, that Curl isn't working ?.
I use Curl alot so I know it isn't the server!.
No matter what image I try, I get the following error:
The image could not be read. Please upload one of: GIF, JPG, PNG.