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I have a problem with my sitemap. When i submit it to Google Webmaster Tools i receive this error:

Invalid URL
This is not a valid URL. Please correct it and resubmit.

It seems to be a problem with site_url . In my sitemap file it looks like this:





and it should look like this:







My sitemap is here: techwarn.com/help/sitemap.xml . Please take a look.

Please help me. Thank you

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Check in the Admin--->General section the value of the "Preferred site URL" field.

it should be equal to : http://www.techwarn.com

Thank you. But i generated a sitemap online. Is this a problem? Or should i use sitemap generated by sitemap plugin.
Ok. I don't know with which tool you've generated it, but the sitemap plugin generates the sitemap dinamically for you at every invocation. So it's always up to date (and not static)