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Quite often I have seen questions here on q2a, such as where is delete? help. Users just do not find the delete button, because it is not showing up. Just after pressing "Hide" it will appear - but not always* either.

Improving usability: To make it clear to users I would just change the tooltip for the Hide button from "Hide" to "Hide - then you can also delete".



PS: *The delete button only appears if there are no dependencies. In other words, if there are comments that have the post as parent, the post cannot be deleted. Maybe this should be pointed out with a notice as well.

Q2A version: 1.6.3
Completely agree with you Kai .
Then you should vote +1. The number of votes is an indicator of importance (implementation).
Yeah . I am done .
Yes, very good change. After hide answers we have to delete them one by one. Sometime I have deleted hundreds of spam answers and this action took lot of time. If you can improve any method  to delete multiple answers it will be very useful.

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Here, I am going to share a best way to solve this problem using database.

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