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Hello man!

When I use "Custom HTML at bottom of every page" I want to include a code with php, but php isn't executed. How should I do?

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Well, it is called "Custom HTML..." and not "Custom PHP...", right? :)

In order to include PHP code it is best to modify whatever theme you're using. So open the qa-theme/<your_selected_theme>/qa-theme.php file. As you are talking about "bottom of every page" then you will need to override the body_footer function.

If it is there, edit it, if it isn't add it:

public function body_footer() {
    if (isset($this->content['body_footer']))
    $somethingToOutput = "Bleh, I'm in the bottom";
And that's it.
Thank you very much man, I've solved it thanks to you. ;)
Take care!