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I'm trying to back up my q2a database using phpMyAdmin. If I backup qa_posts on its own everything works fine, but if I back up all the tables at once, there is some encoding problem - for example the é character shows as é instead.

Any ideas why this might happen? Is one of the other tables causing a problem perhaps?

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OK looks like it's the users table. If I do that separately it seems OK. (Incidentally I found the best way to backup/restore in phpMyAdmin is to tick the "Disable foreign key checks" box.)
Weird - did you actually see the encoding problem in MySQL after restoring the database from the dump, or was it just the dump file itself?
Isn't it a cause that there is a binary field(pass*) in the qa_users table?
Because there is no BINARY-to-HEX-output-option in my phpMyAdmin(V3.3.7), I am inconvenient. Though it is possible to do if mysqldump is used ・・・
Because there is BLOB-to-HEX-output-option, qa-blob table is OK.
@gidgreen: Both. When I opened the sql file, the text editor said there was an encoding problem. And if I tried to import it, there was an error.