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Want to know if I could legally import questions from other qa websites.

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It depends on the sites terms of service and how and if they license their content.
I was thinking the same but thought there may be an "open door" to get good content. A few days ago someone mentioned a new q&a script (paid) which features the option to import questions and answers from yahoo answers. I am still not sure if this is legal, but for sure it will be included somewhere in their TOS . But as I am not an authentic english speaker, the used terms for me are to difficult to understand exactly.

However, if it would be legal this kind of content importer would be great for q2a as well.

As well I was thinking to buy it, import the content, export the database and reimport it to q2a, and sell the license again...kind of crazy, I know ; )
No that would not be legal at all Yahoo specifically states their content is not distributable and they do not license it. So whomever is selling that paid script is essentially putting any person who purchases a copy at risk of legal liability by not informing them of potential copyright infringement issues.
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I think You are fully right. I found the post again and tried to check this script again. It seems that they are not longer online. At least the wp-answers.com website does not longer respond.

Here was the post: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/3073/wp-answers-has-been-released

Good to know, as an answers importing feature would be very important for any qa script, if it would be legal...

But there is still the option to use rss feeds without importing content, just using a parser with output of the original links, this should be legal or not ?

EDIT: the site is back online, I will try to understand the Yahoo answers TOS now, if it is legal, we should have the importing feature..