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I want to find solution to stop stealing content. I tried different things but it didn't work.

Please I need help

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If only RSS is the problem: you can configure (read: disable) your feeds under Admin → RSS feeds.

If you want to prevent scraping in general: make your site private.

Public content is public, and there is not much you could do to stop anyone from copying it other than making it not public.

Thanks, but I need feed to make serach engine index my site quickly.
Stopping it doesn't solve the problem!!
Like I said, public content is public. You could try blocking the IP addresses of scrapers, but they'll probably keep changing them, so I wouldn't consider it worth the effort. Legal action might be another option, but that might cost you a pretty penny, and it also depends on jurisdiction and terms of use.
OK, thank you brother
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Find "/feed/....rss " and restrict access permissions.