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This question is about how people manage their sites. You are a site admin and you receive a flagged post. You go to the Admin -> Flagged section and you can either clear the flags or hide it. You consider the post should be hidden so you hide it. Now you can see the hidden post (as you are an admin) but the other users can't, they will see a "This question has been hidden" message.
You could finish the process here. However, you can take a step farther and go to the Admin -> Hidden section and delete the post. In this case, no user will be able to see the question again and will get a "Page not found" message.
So my question is: when do you stop the process and why? i.e. do you leave them hidden or do you delete them? Or maybe it depends on the content of the post?

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For me it really depends on the content. If there is something that skipped by us and shouldn't be on wesbsite and it gets flagged up then that is removed straight away (deleted). But a lot of times there are cases when people flag a question either to bother someone or just to try a feature then we have to let the content where it is (content is not removed).
But in case a user flags something to bother or to try the feature then the appropriate way to proceed as an admin would be to clear the flags rather than leaving it hidden, right? My question aims to the case in which the post should be hidden so the flag is actually useful
Yes the question is removed from flag and shown back to everyone else, that is what I meant by leaving content where it is.

If the flag is genuine then either the content can be edited to make it good or can be deleted, there is no benefit in storing questions in hidden list. This is my personal view, so no offence.
Great. That answers the question. In other words, you don't intentionally keep hidden AND flagged posts as you either reshow them or delete them. That means you go for the full flow (which is what I would do too, btw)
When you are the admin, you have every right to do what you want to do.