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I suddenly realize that there are hidden questions when I move to "Hidden" tab in admin setting page.

I found nothing wrong with these questions. But don't know why they are hidden.

  • Is it because someone flagged those questions?
  • Is it because many people flagged those questions?
  • Is it because the asker accidentally click to hide those questions?
  • Is it because many people click to hide those questions?

The same questions for comments, some comments become hidden, too.

Q2A version: 1.83-1.84

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There is a "hide" action on posts that is available to users with sufficient privileges (see Admin > Permissions > Hiding or showing any post). By default editors, moderators and admins have this privilege. The original author of a post also has this action available to them.

There also is an option to automatically hide a post after a set number of flags were raised (see Admin > Spam > Automatically hide posts which reach: ### flags). The person who raised the last flag should've seen "flag & hide" as the action, though.

All hidden posts then appear under Admin > Hidden. This includes posts that were hidden due to flags (they are no longer shown under Admin > Flagged, but should still show the number of flags they received).

Hello, users can hide their posts
I believe I mentioned that already.