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Before two months ago I received this error message and I posted a question in this forum. The problem was automatically resolved after few hours. I got the answer and I understood that this happened because I am using shared hosting. Today I got the same message again and my site is still not recovered. Please tell me has anyone got this error message?


Site:- http://www.wikifirst.net/


Q2A version: 1.6.3
Now site is online again after nealy an one hour.

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That is a generic message. It seems your Web server is working (otherwise, you wouldn't be seeing a webpage) but your MySQL server is not being accessible. This is very common in hosting providers. Furthermore, they're measured in terms of uptime percetange, which basically means: how much time are they down for maintainance.

In the case of iPage they don't claim any percentage in their page. But a quick search in Google revealed:

So you could have visited your site in that 0.1% of the time in which they were under maintainance. Note this maintainance can be anything: a piece of hardware going down and needed to be replaced, network issues, software upgrades... or even just restarting the servers (yes, this often still fixes things in 2014).

My advice: don't worry about it. Give it one or two hours and see if it gets fixed. However, if it lasts more than... 6 (?) hs make sure to contact iPage support... something is going wrong. Also take a look if there is some kind of forum in iPage that can help you track this (sometimes, maintainance is scheduled and they warn about it there... I've even seen providers using Twitter for that).

PS: Your site is working right now... so it must have been it smiley

Thank you very much for your quick and complete answer. I learned lot of things by reading your answer. Now I get clear idea about this error.
Welcome :) Good to know this helped