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All users(include admin) cannot login when they do recovery of database by the data which exported in phpMyAdmin.

Perhaps the reason is because qa-users.passcheck field is not output definitely. The new version of phpMyAdmin supports the output with the hexadecimal format, but cannot handle the current version. Because there is the server which user cannot use mySQLdump command, I expect that backup by phpMyAdmin can correct.

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As mentioned in this question - http://www.question2answer.org/qa/3597/weird-encoding-problem-from-phpmyadmin#a3606 - it's best to do the users table separately, for some reason it works on its own but not alongside the other tables.

Thank you DisgruntledGoat for your response.
But, when you imported the qa-users table which you exported, were you able to log in?
Yes logging in was fine for me...
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I'm debugging this right now.  In qa-page-login.php the $userinfo['passcheck'] returns the HEX of the passcheck not the passcheck itself.  The login page then compares the correct passcheck as computed with the passcheck's HEX() value, and hence always fails.  If I remove the extra HEX() call in qa-db-selects() I get the correct first 20 chars of the passcheck.  The passcheck column is BINARY(20), so there's obviously a connection.