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Hi Question2answer Community.

Today when I opened my website, I realized I can't perform any actions like, ask questions, answer, voting or any other activity.

I don't understand what's happened with my website. Is my website hacked?

As a Super Administrator I am Blocked on my website. I don't know how?

Please tell me how do I unblock my self through database.

I'm Super Administrator of my website. I don't understand what happened? But, when I opened my profile and clicked edit section than I saw that I'm blocked.

After seeing this, I contacted other members of my website, they are also blocked. I don't know how?

I want to create Super Administrator through phpMyAdmin, but I don't know how.
Please guide me?

Q2A version: 1.8.5
I've merged all your questions into a single one.
Is there a possibility someone gave Admin privileges to someone new, who didn't had the best of intentions, and blocked all the other admins?
Also check this thread to see if it relates to yours:

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