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I turned on the facebook login app, and entered my public and private keys... but when my users click f-login, they do get the "allow" page.... but once they click it, nothing happens.


I can see this problem on your site. To help me diagnose it, what happens if you change the URL structure in the 'General' part of the 'Admin' panel to the first option? (assuming you have the htaccess file installed)
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I have the same problem. Q2A is set to the first option.
(Sorry, site is not public.)

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I think the most likely answer is that Q2A can't retrieve information on the user from the Facebook API, because your PHP configuration does not allow retrieval of content from remote URLs via file_get_contents() or curl.

The function qa_retrieve_url() in qa-base.php is used to retrieve the content from the Facebook API. You could modify that temporarily to echo strlen($contents) to the browser just before the end of the function, and then see if a zero appears on the page - that would mean no content could be retrieved.

if zero appears what is the solution