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I've just set up Q2A site and forget my admin password.

Users has added many questions to the site so I can hardly reinstall.

So I need to reset password for admin though I haven't configure emailing in admin control panel.

Using 'forget password' brings me the error page saying `cannot send email`.

So, what can I do now to get back to admin page of my Q2A page?

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If you have access to the DB then just run this SQL query:

UPDATE qa_users
SET passcheck = UNHEX(SHA1(CONCAT(LEFT(passsalt, 8), 'new_pass', RIGHT(passsalt, 8))))
WHERE userid = 1;

Replace 1 with the user's id and 'new_pass' with the new password for the user.
Note the first user ID is usually the one you create during the installation.
Thank you. This is much simpler and got accepted.
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1. Lock your site with basic authentication of Apache

2. Upload php script under qa-include folder after confirming userid of super admin with phpMyAdmin.

Script file name example: qa-reset-password.php


require_once './qa-base.php';
require_once './qa-db-users.php';
$userid = '1'; // Set userid of super admin.
$password = '12345'; // Change your favorite password.
qa_db_user_set_password($userid, $password);
qa_db_user_set($userid, 'emailcode', '');
3. Access script with your browser. e.g.
4. Login as super admin. (password: "12345")
5. Change password with account page (password change form)
6. Delete upper script (qa-include/qa-reset-password.php) with FTP/SSH
7. Unlock basic authentication of your site